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3rd December 2019
Using Live Video To Drive Conversions

While video as a whole is undoubtedly the most popular way for consumers to consume content, live video in particular is commandeering the marketing space. Live video establishes trust with your target consumers instantly, simply because there is no room for companies to be deceptive when their audience is viewing them in real time. Of course though, live video won’t guarantee you increased conversions instantly. It’s how you use it as an element of your brand’s online marketing strategy that will determine your success.

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7th November 2019
Video Distribution: Where To Gain The Right Exposure

Video is arguably the most time-consuming of all content types to create. There are so many layers to producing an effective and unique video marketing strategy - planning, scriptwriting, recording, editing, and more. It’s therefore essential to make sure that your video efforts don’t go to waste. How? By distributing them in the right way.

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8th October 2019
7 Easy Ways To Build A Live Streaming Audience

Live streaming is a brilliant tool that can be used to engage viewers, share your event or build brand awareness. However, there’s little gain in live streaming when no one’s watching. Discover 7 easy ways to build your live streaming audience to get more engagement & views with each video.

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3rd September 2019
Video Marketing Strategy in 7 Easy Steps

Video marketing is one of the most impressive and effective forms of business marketing, especially in a world dominated by technology and the internet. Let’s look a little closer at what the best strategy is, and how video marketing is going to help elevate your brand to a more successful and flexible business.

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22nd August 2019
70 Video Marketing Stats You Need to Know for 2020

Just in case you or the decision-makers at your business still aren't convinced about the importance of a strong video marketing strategy for 2020 we've compiled a list of we think is the most compelling video marketing statistics from around the web to help you out.

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29th January 2019
5 Reasons Your Marketing Business Needs To Offer Video

It doesn’t matter what size of business you have, from solopreneur marketing professional to a huge corporate; there’s a way for you to get started with video marketing straight away. And you don’t need a big budget, though if you have one, of course, you can well and truly run with this. Many people simply start off filming with their mobile phone and then update their equipment and their budget for advertising as they grow. But whichever way you do it, it’s important that you start.

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