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Video Distribution: Where To Gain The Right Exposure

Video is arguably the most time-consuming of all content types to create. There are so many layers to producing an effective and unique video marketing strategy - planning, scriptwriting, recording, editing, and more. It’s therefore essential to make sure that your video efforts don’t go to waste.

How? By distributing them in the right way.

Video distribution is all about understanding your target consumer down to the ground. You need to know where and how they tend to consume their information, whether it be directly from search engines or across social channels.

Once you are confident that you know your audience inside-and-out, making decisions about where to share your video content will be far easier, with much more impressive results!

Here are some of Zidivo’s favourite ways to distribute video, to help you gain relevant exposure in all the right places…  


Your business’ website should always be your top priority. It’s one of the first places people go to find out more about your brand and judge your legitimacy. For this reason, websites are the perfect place to embed videos.

Which areas of websites are suited to video distribution?


Your business’ homepage is the perfect place to embed evergreen video content that gives consumers a strong first impression of you/your business and services.

Humans are naturally highly visual beings. Engaging and informative videos are a guaranteed way to Increase the average time that visitors spend on your site. In turn, this will have a positive impact on your rankings in the search results and conversion rates. 

About Page

Whether your business is highly established or you’re just starting out, every site needs an ‘About Us’ or ‘Company’ page. Trust is key for encouraging engagement, generating leads and bringing in sales. Without telling your audience who you are as a company and putting faces to your brand name, you will miss out.

Video allows you to go one step further, showing people a ‘behind-the-scenes’ and personable view of your brand. Professionally embed a high-quality and insightful video to build trust and rapport with potential clients.

Service or Product Pages

84% of consumers have bought something after watching a video.

Research has shown that, as consumers, we are far more inclined to invest in a product or service, if we’ve seen a video of it in action. This could be a tutorial, demonstration, or a simple explainer video. Either way, if people can easily view a unique video about what your business has to offer, instead of reading plain copy, your conversion rates are guaranteed to benefit.


Videos lend themselves impeccably to blog posts. They are a perfect way to emphasise, elaborate, and add value to blogs.

To show your target market and Google that your business is an expert source of information, why not share videos on your website’s blog area? Work with a video hosting company to embed your videos easily and quickly, so all you have to focus on is creating impressive content.

When placing videos on your site, it’s imperative that they have a positive impact on your business’ conversion rates, not the opposite.

Always work with a video hosting company to ensure your videos appear completely professional. Zidivo’s own video hosting features allow consumers to view videos embedded on any page of a site completely ad-free and in the highest quality. With mobile-browsing taking over, you can also rest easy knowing your embedded videos can be watched on any device.

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Landing Pages

Having a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%, according to Wordstream.

Landing pages are designed to sell, so use video to do the same. Create unique and focused videos that reel people in and support your Call To Actions (CTAs).

At Zidivo, we offer our own webpage builder for video distribution. Choose from our ready-made templates or upload your own designs to host conversion-driven videos and capture valuable leads.

businessmen using a camera to distribute video

Social Platforms

Although professionally embedding videos onto your site can be incredibly effective, there are other video sharing platforms to consider.

Take social media, for example. Practically every social channel these days gives businesses the option to share video in a variety of ways. Identify the most worthwhile platforms to focus your video efforts on, in terms of your goals, niche, and audience. Perhaps you’re a B2B business who would gain valuable exposure from LinkedIn, or, your consumers may primarily use Facebook.

Whichever platforms work well for you, sharing video is an essential way to boost engagement and generate traffic to your site. Make the most of the array of video features that are available, such as live streaming, organic posting, and paid ads.

Some profitable social video sharing platforms to consider are…  

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Snapchat

Press Releases

Video content is far more powerful for boosting your business’ visibility online than plain text. Sure, you can offer incredible value in a piece of copy, but add a video to the mix, and your content reaches new levels.

For this reason, videos are the perfect medium for a successful PR campaign. Reach out to other businesses, bloggers or video sharing sites online and see if they’re interested in embedding or sharing your content on their own site. You will gain increased exposure and perhaps even a backlink in return. Effective PR is all about drawing attention to your brand – a creative video is just the way to do it.

Google My Business

Still stuck for video distribution ideas? Google My Business is another platform to consider. Although there is less creative freedom, GMB is a great place to boost enquiries by showing prospects a ‘behind the scenes’ or inside view of your company. It’s proven that your audience is far more likely to pick up the phone if they have an idea of who they’re talking to.

To show your target audience that your brand can be trusted online, professionally embedding videos is the way to go. Zidivo’s streaming and hosting features allow businesses to share top-quality and ad-free video content, with no hassle and unlimited support from our friendly team.

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