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Using Live Video To Drive Conversions

It’s no secret that video is the preferred form of content used by marketers in 2019. The figures speak for themselves, with 70% of marketers claiming that video produces more conversions than any other form of content. Businesses ignoring this fact are essentially missing out on heaps of traffic and conversion potential. 

While video as a whole is undoubtedly the most popular way for consumers to consume content, live video, in particular, is commandeering the marketing space. People have been found to spend far longer watching live streams than they will view highly edited and on-demand marketing videos. Live video establishes trust with your target consumers instantly, simply because there is no room for companies to be deceptive when their audience is viewing them in real-time. 

Of course, live video won’t guarantee you increased conversions instantly. It’s how you use it as an element of your brand’s online marketing strategy that will determine your success. 

Before you get stuck into live streaming, you will need the correct equipment and streaming platform in place. Zidivo’s affordable yet professional live streaming platform offers businesses the opportunity to go live from any device to an audience of any size. We’re passionate about providing constant support and high-quality features, to enable brands to provide live videos at a high resolution, without compromising on speed or reliability. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to use live video to boost conversion rates. 

Where can live video be used?

Live video can be adapted to suit practically any purpose, whether you have an important announcement or product release to promote, or you simply want to open up a space for your target consumers to ask questions. 


Your website is an ideal place to embed live streams and show consumers the face behind your brand. It’s proven that site visitors will spend twice as long and visit far more pages when there is video content, compared to when there is only text. Using regular live videos on your homepage is a valuable way to introduce people to what you have to offer, whether you are explaining your service or providing a history of your brand. 

Landing pages

To avoid the risk of your site speed being affected by embedding too many live streams, why not create landing pages for your videos? Directing your audience to a landing page rather than your site means there are far fewer distractions from your end goal. If you’re promoting a new product, service, or offer, dedicated landing pages are the way to go. To make sure the message of your streams is clear and effective, use a professional streaming platform. Zidivo allows customers to stream at broadcast quality, whenever and wherever they like, for only £20 a month. You can even use the platform to build your own landing pages

Customer service

Aside from using live video for promotional purposes, another way to boost conversions or maintain loyal customers is with exceptional customer service. These days, you can go one step further than live chats and offer a live video option to consumers. Giving your site visitors the option to chat with someone face-to-face, solve any potential issues and build a positive relationship is a highly valuable way to drive sales.

How can you boost conversions with live video?

Have a purpose

Although live streaming is easy and quick to do, there should always be a strong purpose behind your videos. Make sure each and every stream has a topic and end goal, or there is no way to measure their success! Plan a content calendar for your live streams to gain a clear idea of what each video will be pushing. 

woman live streaming new product for conversions

When watching videos online, it is obvious straight away whether a video has a strong direction or not. Most people won’t stick around to watch a live stream, or worse, won’t tune into a stream in the first place, if it’s not evident what the video will be discussing. Don’t try to discuss too much in your live videos either - it’s far better to create unique videos for goal than to confuse your audience with mixed messages! 

Get straight to the point

Don’t ramble for hours about a new product or service you’re releasing, it’s a waste of time. Studies have shown that most viewers will tend to drop off around the six-minute mark, so keep your streams snappy. To encourage conversions, the shorter your live video, the more likely people are to click through to your site by sticking around till the end. 

Establish trust

Trust is the key factor in whether your viewers decide to convert. Live video immediately establishes a level of trust by showing your audience the faces behind your brand and offering up a behind the scenes view. Don’t be afraid to mess up or falter your words when live streaming either - showing viewers you’re human will only be rewarded. 

Acknowledge engagement

Live video is one of the best ways to understand your audience’s reaction to what you’ve got to say. Brand’s get to discuss whatever they like and receive instant feedback and engagement, providing the perfect opportunity for businesses to build a community and form relationships with consumers. 

To push people to get in touch or make a purchase following your live streams, aim to respond and interact with your viewers. The more valued and recognised you make your audience feel by responding to their comments, the more likely they are to buy into your brand. 

Promote your streams in the right way

Finally, to give yourself a good chance of achieving your targets with live streaming, make sure to promote your streams in the right way. Know your audience and identify where they spend their time online to reach your target market. Set a time and date that is realistic and you're sure to bring in an extensive amount of views.

If you’re ready to boost your business’ conversion rates using targeted and intriguing live streams, get started with Zidivo’s free 30-day trial today. Our range of features means you can broadcast on any webpage at the highest quality from any device.

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