Built-In, Flexible Webpage Builder
to Embed Videos

Embed your videos in customisable webpage templates as an alternative to using your own or a client's website.
No website? no problem. use a ready-made webpage template
All video projects are different, especially when you're working with a variety of clients. Not all will have a website ready to showcase a video. This is particularly the case for smaller clients or one-off events. For these instances we've added the option to create your own webpage templates.
choose from a selection of built-in webpage templates
Choose from a variety of ready-made webpage templates already in your zidivo account. Use these as they are, or as a guide to update and create your own webpages, complete with your own branding, text and images.
build and upload your own complete webpage template
For those familiar with HTML and CSS, there's an option to upload your own complete webpage templates complete with any images. A great option for when you need more than a basic webpage to showcase your client's video.

More Webpages Features

Live Events
Create a custom webpage template for specific clients who stream regular events.
streaming wizard
Simply choose one of your templates during the normal channel or campaign setup.
Backup Location
Use as a backup location for your stream should anything happen to your website.
Use as a safe place to test your player & live streaming settings before an event.
On Demand
Embed campaigns directly into your webpage templates to showcase your video.
User Access
Control which users can create and edit templates, and who can simply use them.
Client templates
Create specific templates for use with individual clients, keeping it all separate.
landing page
Use as a landing page, free from the distractions of your main website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit the built-in Webpages?

Yes. You can clone the built-in templates and use them as a base for one with your own images and branding. This is a good options if you want a standard layout for your webpage.

Can I update my templates directly?

Yes. Once you have created your template you can edit the html, css, js and image files directly without having to upload an entirely new package. Ideal for small changes.

Can I have specific templates for clients?

Yes. If you have several clients, all with their own branding, you can create specific templates that only they can see to either preview or showcase their video content.

How do I upload a complete Webpage?

You can upload a complete template package as a zip containing the html page and any css, js, images fonts in separate folders. Perfect for those familiar with web design.

How do I place the player in a template?

Using the shortcode [player place] you can indicate where on your html page you would like the video player to appear. Keep the player size in mind with this.

Can you help me create a template?

While web design is not a service we offer, we do have significant experience and can offer advice where needed. We're always happy to point you in the right direction.

30 day free trial

Our 30 day free trial includes access to all features as well as 5GB to get you started. No obligation and no cards required. Just reach out if you want to discuss any aspect of your streaming project.
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