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Professional Streaming Features

Powerful streaming features built with video professionals in mind. Stream your video content live and on demand to any device, anywhere in the world.
Everything you need to broadcast live video is already included in your account. Whether you're using an IP webcam or a multi-camera setup with an encoder it only takes a few minutes to get your live channel set up using our quick and easy Streaming Wizard.
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When you upload your videos we'll automatically transcode and compress them making sure you reach the widest audience possible. Choose your video/playlist, your player and control who can see your video content all using our quick and easy to use Streaming Wizard.
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Try Zidivo for free for 30 days

We think the best way to learn about our features is to experience them for yourself. Our free 30-day trial gives you a chance to do just that. Take your time to look around the platform without any pressure and if you want to have a chat about any aspect of your streaming project, we're always happy to help.

Video Library

Upload any video in any format up to 10 GB
Organise video assets by adding Titles & Tags
Preview uploaded videos in webpage templates
Uploaded videos compressed by up to 80%
Import video from a URL (Google Drive, OneDrive etc)
Add videos directly to playlists when uploading
Uploaded videos automatically transcoded to mp4


Add videos to playlists and order manually
Publish playlists using campaigns like any single video
Order Smart playlists alphabetically, by duration, upload date, weekly or total plays
Create Smart playlists based on video tags
Limit the number of videos added to Smart playlists
Choose whether to hide playlist controls or allow viewers to skip through the videos


Select between VideoJS or Zidivo Ultimate players
Show/hide social sharing buttons
Show/hide player controls
Show/hide playlists
Select from popular or custom resolutions/sizes
"Audio only" players available
Playback auto-start on/off


Edit built-in templates with your own branding
Place player anywhere on page using shortcodes
Use for Live Channels or VOD Campaigns
Upload full webpage templates as a zip
Assign templates to specific clients

VOD Campaigns

Build campaigns using powerful Streaming Wizard
Limit viewers by IP, website or location
Use any player from asset library
Embed campaign anywhere using script or iframe
Stream any video or playlist from asset library
Edit title and description for video
Select any webpage from asset library

live channels

Create live channels using powerful Streaming Wizard
Stream directly from an IP webcam (RTSP)
Edit title and description for video
Select any webpage from asset library
Stream from any encoder with a RTMP output
Limit viewers by IP, website or location
Use any player from asset library
Embed live channel anywhere using script or iframe

agency tools

Create additional users to help manage your account
Manage permissions and access levels for users
Create additional clients for multiple projects
Set which webpage templates are for each client

30 day free trial

Our 30 day free trial includes access to all features as well as 5GB to get you started. No obligation and no cards required. Just reach out if you want to discuss any aspect of your streaming project.
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