3rd April 2020
How To Create Video Ads For Your Website: Instream & Outstream

Businesses that aren’t yet taking advantage of video as a form of advertising, are missing out on a huge chunk of their potential market and a ton of sales opportunities. Video is the most common form of content consumed online today, making video advertising worth its weight in gold (if you get it right). Businesses simply cannot afford to be missing out on the opportunity for monetisation that video ads can provide. What’s more, it’s now far easier and more affordable than ever before to create video ads, with a smartphone and an online video platform being all you really need.

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30th March 2020
Video Bitrate Guide: What Is Bitrate & How To Optimise It

When planning video content or sitting down to stream live to an audience, it’s easy to get caught up in how your setup looks on camera, but there are actually arguably more important technicalities to consider. Video bitrate is just one of the components to think about, that can make or break a live stream. Zidivo explains what your bitrate is, how it affects your video quality and outline the ideal settings for a successful live stream.

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20th March 2020
Why You Need A Business Video Hosting & Streaming Platform

What’s the difference between a business/enterprise and a consumer-grade platform? When seeking an enterprise video platform, it should provide a wide range of features to enable complete security, easy management and an abundance of technical support. Let’s look at some of the reasons that consumer-grade platforms are not sufficient for business use and what to look for when finding the right enterprise video platform for you

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6th March 2020
How To Produce A Video Podcast: A Guide

The ultimate goal with podcasting is to make money or generate an ROI, whether you are looking to do this by educating and building an audience or highlighting new products or services. To compete in the world of podcasts though and achieve your goals, you must have a strong idea of what your audience wants and how to achieve this. Zidivo is here to provide a quick overview of how to stream a podcast and nail the concept of the video podcast that is so popular today.

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21st February 2020
Video Monetization Strategies To Generate Revenue

If your business is looking to use live or on-demand video as a primary or secondary revenue stream, video monetization is key. For those businesses or establishments that are new to the world of video, the chances are you will be funding your own production costs, making it all the more important to earn money from the sharing of your videos. Zidivo takes a look at the various ways to make money from your videos online and offer advice on the best strategies to follow...

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17th February 2020
Video Lighting: Expert Advice For The Ideal Setup

The right video lighting setup is key to a successful live stream. It’s make or break and can completely change the vibe of your video content. It’s scientifically proven that light influences mood, meaning if your streams are poorly lit, your message will be impeded. There are a number of important elements in getting a video lighting set up just right. Zidivo shares their top tips on nailing your lighting when live streaming.

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7th February 2020
How To Create A Product Demo Video & The Benefits

Studies have shown that around 73% of people who watch a product video will make a purchase afterwards. So, offering your target consumers a product demo video can give you the upper hand, elevate sales and optimise conversion rates. Product demo video production naturally requires more time, resources and budget, but the effort involved will pay off in the revenue generated.

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31st January 2020
A Guide To Multi-Camera Live Streaming

As an increasing number of businesses, marketers, schools, churches, and more, are using live streaming to reach out and engage with audiences online, the quality and setting of live videos are becoming far more important. If a brand wants to stand out, they must offer high-quality and unique streams. Multi camera live streaming is one way for broadcasters to boost the value and engagement of their live content, by offering viewers multiple angles and changes in scenery.

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24th January 2020
How To Measure Video ROI

Video is now widely used online for a variety of purposes such as product demonstrations, company announcements, webinars, explainer videos, and much more. As video has become such a core component of online strategies, it’s important for businesses to understand exactly how to measure their success. After all, there’s no good dedicating a significant amount of time and resources to creating video content if you have no idea whether it’s paying off.

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20th January 2020
How To Stream Church Services Live: Setup & Equipment

Church live streaming is by no means a new phenomenon. As live streaming becomes increasingly accessible with the introduction of user-friendly live features on social media, more churches are using live streaming as an effective way to gain reach, build an online audience and boost the inclusivity of their congregation. Live video allows those unable to physically attend church the opportunity to tune in and engage, while also opening the service up to those interested in starting their faith journey.

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