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Christmas Video Ideas for Businesses in 2020

Christmas 2020 is going to be a largely different affair in terms of the festivities and celebrations we’re able to have. With the ever-changing lockdown restrictions and the small window where we’re able to spend much-needed time with friends and family, it’s easy for the current situation to put a dampener on our Christmas spirit. 

Despite the obstacles that COVID-19 has thrown our way this Christmas, modern technology has meant that many businesses can efficiently work from home and stay connected with both their colleagues and their target markets. How? Primarily through video and live streaming, which has meant Zoom meetings, virtual concerts, online pub quizzes and more are the new norm.

This Christmas, why not make the most of the opportunities that video has to offer and create plenty of Christmas content to show your customers and prospects you’re still up and running and spread some joy? Zidivo is here to share their favourite Christmas video content ideas for 2020. 

How can your business create Christmas content this year?

Christmas countdowns

Although December has already crept up on us all this year, there is still plenty of time to do a Christmas countdown - a popular form of content used by businesses and creators during the festive period. You could create ‘12 days of Christmas’ countdown with unique and branded animated videos to release each day in the run-up to the big day. 

To make your countdown stand out in a sea of festive content, try to offer something unique each day, whether its an interview with your MD, a discount or a product giveaway to one of your unsuspecting customers. By letting your audience know that your countdown will have lots of surprises along the way, you can drum up attention and keep people engaged right through December. You can benefit from professional animation services, use an in-house video specialist or benefit from the vast array of user-friendly video tools on the market like Promo to create your brand’s countdown. 

Christmas greetings 

If you are looking for Christmas video ideas that are simple and can be boxed off early in the month, why not offer your audience a simple ‘Merry Christmas’ video on behalf of your company. You can make it funny, serious, as straightforward or as high-production as you like depending on your equipment, budget and available resources. Businesses can even keep their Christmas greetings content topical by having it recorded on Zoom!

Although wishing your customers and prospects a ‘Merry Christmas’ might seem like something so simple and unnecessary, it puts faces to your brand name and helps you to establish trust with your audience online. By making sure your video content stays in line with your brand’s guidelines and persona, you can help to boost awareness and better establish your brand’s reputation. 

Product gift guides

If you are an ecommerce business or you have a range of products to offer, Christmas is a perfect time and excuse to showcase these with festive gift guides. At a time of year when everyone is panicking about getting their Christmas shopping ticked off, businesses can use gift guides to do a round-up of your top products. You can even create multiple gift guides throughout December aimed at various age groups, genders and budgets to get the ultimate benefit from this form of video content.

Christmas promotions

Whether you have physical products to promote or not, another option is to create promotional videos. You can offer Christmas discounts on your products or services, offers to encourage people to buy multiple products and even free giveaways, which are hugely popular with brands at the moment to generate engagement and attention to their brand. Although a giveaway doesn’t necessarily directly result in sales and increased revenue, the increased brand awareness they can bring makes them one of the most effective forms of festive content - people simply love free stuff. 

Yearly round-up

As we get closer to Christmas, we also get closer to the end of the year, people start to reflect, and our ‘new year new me’ mentalities begin to show. Another popular form of content for businesses is to do an annual review, rounding up all the highs and lows for your brand, highlighting critical successes and milestones and outlining any new plans for the following year. 

Of course, 2020 has been a year no one expected, so why not use it as an opportunity to show how your business has demonstrated resilience and managed to keep going despite the challenges thrown our way? 

Virtual Christmas events

With most festive events cancelled this year, its an opportunity for your business to host a virtual event online. Whether its a live interview with someone famous in your industry, a DJ session, or a live church service - there are plenty of opportunities to get your brand in front of people without being overly self-promotional. In light of the pandemic, Zidivo has launched a new virtual events service, providing all you need to host an event online. You can monetise your events, restrict access for members, brand them up and even add chat rooms to encourage engagement from your audience.  

Start publishing your Christmas content today!

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