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How To Create A Content Calendar for Live Videos

If you decide to go live with your business, then creating a content calendar for live videos will allow you to produce regular posts and interact with your audience in a way that interests them. Zidivo is a live streaming platform with loads of information and advice. Read more about creating a content calendar.

Once you’ve decided to take your business live, broadcasting regularly becomes really important. It’s how you build your live streaming audience and achieve the goals of your live streaming campaign. A content calendar allows you to create regular video content that’s topical, helpful and achievable.

Download and print our content calendar worksheet to help you plan your live videos!

Live Video Goals

Before you start creating your live video content calendar, evaluate your goals so you can ensure your content is focused.


When you’re beginning your live streaming campaign, you need to know your audience. Who are your customers? Who are you targeting with your videos? You might have a few different kinds of audiences that you want to target, but being precise with this will help you to focus your video content to each audience.


Why are you going live? What do you want to accomplish through this campaign? When you know what your goal is in going live, you can tailor your video content to help achieve it. 

You should also ask the same questions of each individual video that you create so you can make sure that your content is contributing to the whole.

Video Frequency

How often do you want to stream a live video? It’s good to be regular and consistent with your streaming so you might want to choose a specific time on a specific day. This could be once a week or once a month, depending on what’s realistic and helps you to achieve your goals.

A content calendar for live video

Content Topics

Once you know your audience, goals and how frequently you want to produce content, you can start to brainstorm topics. Live video is extremely versatile and would allow you to explore a huge number of topics and even presentation styles, so you should be able to come up with a lot of ideas!

Assign each idea to a slot in your content calendar so you know what you’re covering and when.

Here are some good places to start or things to consider:

Answer FAQs

Write down a list of FAQs. These are things you already know that your customers or audience are interested in. You could create an FAQ series in which you answer a question in each video. It’s a great way to engage your target audience as you know that they will want to watch the content.

You could even consider a live FAQ session. People can message their questions to you throughout the video and you can answer them as they come through.


Your business might sell certain products or services differently depending on the season. If you specialise in gardening, for example, spring might be a big time of year for you. Consider how you can make the most of seasonal trends and highlights through the content you release. You could cover seasonal topics, but also look to push certain services at certain times of the year.

Christmas is a big season that affects most businesses! Can you tailor live video content in the lead up to Christmas?

National and International Days

From International Women’s Day to National Weatherperson's Day, national and international days are scattered throughout the calendar. They could be a fantastic way to generate relevant content for your live videos, celebrate things that are important to your audience or honour important events.

Company Events & News

Whenever your company has news, you can share it via live video. Launching new products, hosting lectures, or hiring new members of staff… whatever it is, you can talk about it via live video. If you know something new is coming, plan it into your content calendar.

Be sure to plan your content calendar several months in advance -- or even better, a year -- so you’re always prepared for your next video. It can help you to create effective video series that your audience will want to watch!

Use our content calendar worksheet! It has a summary of all our points to help you create an effective calendar for your live videos.

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