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Introduction to Professional Video Hosting

If you’re keen to attract an audience and promote your business using video marketing, you might be wondering why you should consider paying for a service when there are free platforms available. While social networks may lay claim to being the most popular streaming and sharing platforms, they don’t provide the perks and benefits offered by professional video hosting services. Creating high-quality video content costs money, and it doesn’t make financial sense to invest in production and not distribution. With a professional service, you can enjoy a host of features that are guaranteed to get your content noticed.

The Basics of Streaming

Video content has become an increasingly influential and integral part of modern marketing. More and more businesses are using a more diverse range of content to attract new clients, generate a buzz online, and get their brand name noticed. Human beings respond better to visual stimuli, and research suggests that videos are much more appealing than other types of marketing materials, for example, text. The brain processes video up to 60,000 times faster than words, and videos get more than 1,000% more shares on social platforms than both text and images. Landing pages with videos also boast higher conversion rates.

When it comes to sharing video content, there are various streaming options available. Live streaming enables you to stream your video clips to anyone in the world, providing real-time opportunities to engage and connect with potential customers. On-demand streaming gives you the opportunity to upload your content, making it available to viewers whenever they want to watch it. With live video hosting and on-demand services, you can benefit from a captive audience at any time of day, and your viewers can take advantage of the option to tune into live clips or to choose a video from a playlist or library at a time that suits them.

The Benefits of Professional Video Hosting

If you’ve put a lot of effort into creating spectacular content, it’s natural to want to achieve the best results from sharing and streaming your videos. You can use platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube to host and share clips, but there are so many advantages to investing in professional services. While social media may be adequate for individuals looking to build a following and share posts with friends and followers, it falls short for business customers. Social media platforms are not very professional, they are frequently blocked by companies and organisations, and they provide limited benefits in terms of customer experience. If you’re watching a video on a site like YouTube, for example, it’s very common to be inundated with adverts and to have your viewing disturbed by pop-ups. This is a drawback for potential clients, and it’s also detrimental for businesses, as the adverts that do appear may promote competitors.

Professional video hosting services offer a wealth of benefits, including:

  • Creating the right first impression: when you’re looking to impress customers, you want to dazzle them from the outset. With a reputable hosting service, you can take advantage of features and tools that are designed for professional use. 
  • Access to customer support: you want to get the best out of your video content, and enlisting the help of a professional service affords access to skilled, experienced customer support teams that can help you optimise quality and reach as many customers as possible.
  • Reliability: a professional streaming platform offers increased reliability and security, which will enhance your reputation and ensure your content is secure and safe. 
  • Branding: if you stream on social media, you have to share the limelight with that platform. With a professional service, you can ensure your content shines. 
  • Customer experience: user experience is critical in this day and age. You don’t want amazing videos to lose credibility or fall flat due to pop-ups or random adverts that disrupt the flow. With a streaming platform like, you can make sure your viewers enjoy every second. 
  • Control: with a professional service, you can retain control over your content, opting to stream live or to upload videos for on-demand users. 
  • Unique objectives: when you stream or share video content on YouTube, the primary aim for the platform is to keep users on that site, rather than to actively encourage them to find out more about your product, buy from you, or promote your brand. When you use a professional hosting service, you can focus on your unique business objectives and targets, using your content to achieve those goals.

Introducing Zidivo's Online Video Platform

The power of video content is indisputable, but sharing video clips, streaming live, and uploading content for on-demand viewing doesn’t guarantee success. Many businesses invest time, effort, and money into creating spectacular content, only for it to fall short because they choose to distribute that content via networks like Facebook and YouTube. Zidivo is a professional hosting service, which offers an array of perks for those hoping to use video content to get their brand name up in lights. With Zidivo’s online platform, users can benefit from powerful streaming features, live and on-demand hosting, custom players, and the option to create captivating webpages to showcase their videos in all their glory. With Zidivo, you can upload video files and place them anywhere on your site, you can take advantage of virtually unlimited storage, and you can create bespoke playlists. Your videos will look the business, and they will provide a sensational viewing experience for potential customers with no unwanted adverts or appearances from competitors. The process of getting your content live is also incredibly simple, and with the streaming wizard, you can get started in just a few clicks. 

Video content is increasingly influential and it can be an amazingly potent marketing technique. If you’re looking to share and stream professional video content and promote your brand, it pays to consider professional hosting services. If you like the sound of Zidivo video hosting, and you’re keen to find out more, why not take advantage of the opportunity to try it for free with a brilliant 30-day trial?

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30 day free trial

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