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Why You Need A Business Video Hosting & Streaming Platform

Video is unavoidable in business today. It is simply one of the most convenient and comprehensive ways for businesses to share content for both internal and external means. Events, product demos, internal meetings, employee training and more, all lend themselves to video as a medium, whether businesses offer video live or on-demand. For a business to implement video campaigns and use video to benefit their operations, they need a dedicated enterprise video platform that has the features to support their needs. 

What’s the difference between a business/enterprise and a consumer-grade platform? Essentially, platforms that are designed to back business video hosting and streaming will go further than your average video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo. When seeking an enterprise video platform, it should provide a wide range of features to enable complete security, easy management and an abundance of technical support. At Zidivo, we pride ourselves on the professional and reliable set of features and user support provided. 

Let’s look at some of the reasons that consumer-grade platforms are not sufficient for business use and what to look for when finding the right enterprise video platform for you. 

Why to avoid consumer-grade video platforms… 

The first sites that come to mind when a business or individual is planning to share live or on-demand video are usually free options like YouTube and Vimeo. However, while these are free and allow users to access an impressive amount of reach, they are not the best option. Companies looking to use video for internal and external strategies are far better paying to use a platform that ensures complete security and allows the management of access to their content. 

Firstly, while free video platforms allow users to adjust privacy settings and make video content ‘undiscoverable’ to the public, this is not 100% reliable. Sharing links can end up in the wrong hands and third parties or hackers can find their way into your videos, which can have detrimental effects on the functioning of a business. If you’re looking to use live streams for internal meetings, company updates, employee training or any other confidential tasks, using a free platform puts your business and staff at risk. 

Second, when you upload a video to a site like YouTube, you must accept their terms of use. Some of these terms mean that you as a business lose some of the rights and control over your content. When it comes to sharing sensitive or private material, you don’t want this to be the case. Using a paid platform like Zidivo allows your company to ensure you maintain all the rights over your videos, can choose exactly who has access and how/where you want to share them. Business-oriented platforms like ours offer a number of features to ensure users have complete security and control over their content. There’s no hidden terms or conditions that could potentially put your organisation or brand’s information at risk. 

Benefits of a business video hosting & streaming platform:

Improved internal communications. 

Video is now the easiest and most comprehensive way for large organisations and companies to share and spread information among staff. It can be used to share company updates, provide staff training, make records of internal meetings and far more. With more and more people choosing to work remotely and many businesses now actively supporting this movement, the ability to easily communicate using video platforms is key to keep all employees in the loop. The better the internal communication of a business, the more likely you are to retain staff - a seamless and reliable video platform is the only way to achieve this. 


Security is key when it comes to using video as part of your businesses day-to-day and wider operations like training. You need your content to be completely secure and should be able to easily manage who has access to your videos. For example, large organisations can use enterprise video streaming solutions to control who can view certain videos based on IP addresses, domains and locations. For internal communications, you can rely on a dedicated business video platform to protect your streams from potential hackers and implement measures to make sure the right employees have access to your videos. 

Reduced costs

Video hosting sites for businesses allow you to reduce both costs and time invested. Large businesses can cut costs by offering training programmes through video, without having to invest in training materials and travel to get all the relevant staff in one place. Remote staff can simply be granted access to a webpage that provides their training, making business and employee development incredibly easy to implement. 

Using platforms created to suit your needs that offer a range of features means you don’t have to invest time or money in setting up your own network. Zidivo and other paid streaming and hosting sites simply require a consistent monthly fee, tailored to the storage and support you require, in exchange for access to a whole host of video features to benefit internal and marketing strategies. 

business video hosting platform

Unlimited technical support. 

Consumer-grade and free-to-use sites like YouTube and Vimeo may be tempting, but should anything go wrong when streaming or sharing a video, you will struggle to find the extent of personal support you need. Opting to pay an affordable monthly fee for a business-oriented platform like Zidivo, means you can rest easy knowing there are professional and technical specialists at hand to assist and protect your business’ videos if you run into any trouble. At Zidivo, we understand that although our platform is completely user-friendly, you may need guidance from time to time.

Zidivo’s enterprise video features:

Zidivo offers several features aimed to help businesses share or stream videos and we are always looking for new ways to do so. Here are some of the main features that make us a viable enterprise video streaming solution… 

  • HTML5 video players that are suited to all devices and can be fully customised to represent your brand.
  • HD resolution allowing businesses to stream in the highest 1080p HD quality, offering staff and their audience top-quality viewing experience. 
  • Insight into analytics, allowing businesses to track viewing habits and the success of their videos to educate future campaigns.
  • Security measures where users can restrict their audiences based on IP address, website domain or location. 
  • Compatibility with any device, meaning staff or audiences can tune into a company’s videos from their desktop, mobile or tablet with no issue. 
  • Agency tools so organisations can manage permissions and projects from one interface, offering control over levels of access and user management. 
  • Unlimited support whereby our team are available to answer any queries, offer support in the setup or sharing of streams or on-demand content and fix any problems that may crop up.

If your business is planning to use video to optimise the running and marketing of your business, a professional and dedicated business hosting platform is essential. The security and reliability offered are simply unmatchable by a free platform that is aimed at individuals looking to share their videos with the public. Get in touch with Zidivo to hear more about the business-focused features we provide and how you can tailor your package to suit the needs and goals of your brand.

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