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Essential Components Of A B2B Video Marketing Strategy

B2B Video Marketing is rapidly becoming one of the preferred ways to communicate the brand, values, innovations, and newest products. Using a video instead of other forms of content marketing allows you to craft a message to perfection, concentrating in shorter timeframes and impactful images. However, this strategy is continuously evolving, and today some new trends and techniques allow you to capture the minds of clients.


Undoubtedly, the most crucial component of your B2B video marketing strategy is the content. It can be funny, serious, informational, or creating a cliff-hanger, but it has to reflect your company’s identity. 

Several techniques can help you portray your products in the best way, yet not all of those are ideal for all businesses. 

Create audience-focused content

Regardless of the type of content you are producing, this should be tailored to your company’s audience. Creating a detailed customer persona - or the portrayal of your ideal client - is paramount to understand its needs, wants, and problems. 

So, this brings us to the next point: the video should be communicating what problem your product or service solves. This two-sided communication, with the aid of images and tutorials, is highly effective in engaging your target audience and potential clients.

Breathe new life into your old content

If you have been working on your marketing strategy for some time, you might have used other media. Whether this includes social media platforms, blogs, or websites, the content is already there! If there is a piece of marketing that has performed exceptionally well, it might be time to put it to work again. 

Turning a blog post or landing page into a video can provide you with a strong script, inspiration, and the ability to summarise the message succinctly. When a message has performed well before you can be sure that a video will have a positive impact on your reputation and brand image.

Follow the customer journey. 

If you are crafting your marketing strategy from scratch, you will have to define what type of content will work best to capture the attention of your target audience. There are many effective techniques you could employ, such as promotional videos, event clips, and testimonials. However, it is essential to follow the customer through its journey from discovering the product to becoming a loyal, return buyer.

Put your stamp on the script.

The script - as well as the images in the video - is your primary communication tool. Therefore, you should craft it to be the juice of your company’s values and missions. However, you should not forget that any video is a story, and should have a beginning, middle, and end. Telling a brand story can be challenging, yet a well-told tale can captivate the minds and hearts of your audience like nothing else. Sounds, music, and visuals need to appear in the script too!

Add a call to action

A CTA or Call To Action is the tool to use to get a potential customer to proceed with the action you want them to take. Buying your product is the first thing that comes to mind. However, a CTA can also ask the client to sign up for a mailing list, share the video, or try out a free trial you offer. This step is essential to convert a potential customer’s interest into leads, sales, or engagement (depending on the aim of your campaign).

Planning and Frequency

As per any other marketing campaign, timings and frequency are essential factors that can determine the outcome of your efforts. If you are leveraging the power of different media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram, to increase the visibility of your product, opt to publish at regular intervals.

Indeed, publishing a video every week, month, or even quarter is more effective than spending a year without posting and then doing so multiple times in a shorter timeframe - it's about consistency. 

This strategy allows you to keep the engagement high while following your client’s journey in discovering your product. At the same time, this offers you the opportunity to publish tutorials, guides, and testimonials that provide more useful information to the audience.


Regardless of whether you are in the process of revamping your marketing campaign or you are starting one from scratch, the equipment you have will make a difference in the outcome. 

While a smartphone might help you produce shorter videos and getting started, it should not be the equipment of choice when you are trying to communicate your product. Instead, investing in a high-quality DSLR camera, a tripod, a microphone, and portable lighting boxes can help you see a quicker ROI.

Naturally, the investment should be relatable to your company’s budget. However, to produce high-quality videos, it is essential to upgrade your equipment and invest in professional tools.

If there is nothing else you can afford to do aside from using your smartphone, you should equip it with the right accessories. These include a microphone, a video editor app, and lenses. 

Moreover, these will come in handy when you need to publish quick updates and check in with your audience. It might not create the highest-quality videos, but you can use your phone to streamline the process and close the gaps between a professional video and another.

Professional video streaming platform

In some cases, you might opt to produce on-demand content, while, for some other strategies, you will prefer live videos. Dependent on your plan, however, you should choose to employ a professional streaming platform such as Zidivo.

Get started with Video Streaming

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Free and low-quality video apps might seem convenient at first, but it can truly make a business look unprofessional. More importantly, the viewing experience can be affected by the video quality, and your content might be affected by several limitations regarding location, duration, and look.

While you might think of it as an unnecessary expense at first, you will realise how essential these platforms are to maintain your brand image. Indeed, a video marketing strategy will condense the value of your business in just under two minutes (in most cases). In this brief timeframe, you will not only need to make the best impression with your clients but also ensure that they take further action.

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