Event Live Streaming

For a reliable & professional video broadcast in HD

Powerful live event streaming software packed into an easy to use cloud-based interface. Affordable, professional live event streaming software backed by UK streaming experts.
increase the reach of your event with live hd streaming
Super-charge your event by adding a professional live stream to your website. Multiply your audience without limit, reaching viewers globally. No ads, no distractions, just a professional, reliable live streaming experience.
get your event live in minutes with our streaming wizard 
We work closely with your event production team to get everything in place prior to your event. When it's time to start live event video streaming, it's as simple as starting your encoder, leaving you to focus on making your live event a success.
embed your live event stream anywhere on your website
Embed your player anywhere on your website using a small line of code. Alternatively, if you don't have a website, you can edit one of our free Webpage templates to include your branding, let us showcase your live event.

More Event Live Streaming Features

Use any software or hardware encoder with an RTMP output to stream your event live.
Keep your event live streaming for as long as needed, even 24/7.
Stream your event live from an IP webcam using a variety of protocols including RTSP.
Custom Player
Maintain control of your Players by customising the size, look & available features.
Preview your live stream setup before the event using the built-in Webpages.
multiple users
Create additional users with limited permissions to specific channel stats & settings.
Control who can view your live event content based on location & IP address.
View real time statistics for your live event including duration & current viewers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an encoder?

An encoder is a piece of software or hardware that converts video from one format to another. Your encoder sends your live event stream to us for distribution to your audience.

What type of camera do I need?

Whether a single roaming cameraman or a multi camera event; your setup is entirely up to you. As long as the video is being relayed to us via your encoder, you're good to go.

Can I test a Live Event?

Yes. You & other stakeholders can test your Live Event setup using our Webpages features prior to adding it to your website. You can even do this during your free trial.

How many Live Events can I have?

There is no limit to how many Live Events you can run concurrently. Nor is there a cap on how many viewers you can have accessing any one channel.

Can I stream live direct from a webcam?

Yes. You can stream directly from an IP camera or webcam without the need for an encoder setup. We've included options for this in our Streaming Wizard.

Will you help me set up my Live Event ?

We've been involved in streaming live events for over 10 years & appreciate that each event has different requirements. We're always happy to help your project in any way we can.

30 day free trial

Our 30 day free trial includes access to all features as well as 5GB to get you started. No obligation and no cards required. Just reach out if you want to discuss any aspect of your streaming project.
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