Simply Thrilled

Detailed Information

We’re Simply Thrilled.

We want to make as many magical films for as many nice people as we can, until we can’t any more.

We’re fascinated by ideas: where they come from, how they evolve and how they become real. We’re so fascinated we made our own idea generation tool which weaves magic into the hearts and minds of our audience.

We’ve worked with a BAFTA-winning actress to help the NHS communicate better, brought mindfulness meditation to the noise of Download Festival, strapped a camera to a ball for a rugby game and worked with the young poet Laureate to promote a secret library.

And we’re only just getting started.

So give us a call, we’re armed with fresh ideas and we always shoot to thrill.

Let’s make films together.

- Simply Thrilled Xx

30 day free trial

Our 30 day free trial includes access to all features as well as 5GB to get you started. No obligation and no cards required. Just reach out if you want to discuss any aspect of your streaming project.
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