Nostairway Media

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nostairway media
120 High Street, London, England TW12 1NS
Detailed Information

Services provided:

Video – NSM provides a complete video production company; As well as video production, we can provide script, shoot, talent, edit, music creation, voice over and more. We are experienced in video for TV, web video, corporate video and more

Music Production – NSM have offered music production for many years and have produced over 50 albums ranging from pop to rock from country to garage. NSM provide music for film, TV and the web.

Voiceover & ISDN – Consider this! If your voice over isn’t up to scratch, your audience won’t tell you about it as they switch; they’ll just switch. Voice over for documentary, Voice over for adverts, broadcast or web, NSM voice overs have a reputation for quality.

Record Label – NSM now have a record label/publishing department. Over the coming months we will be releasing some amazing music.

30 day free trial

Our 30 day free trial includes access to all features as well as 5GB to get you started. No obligation and no cards required. Just reach out if you want to discuss any aspect of your streaming project.
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